Exclusive furniture production – Made by materials of the highest quality, produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A perfect match with WOCA Hardwax Oil and a great industrial colab.

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Beautiful furniture with a natural appearance


WOCA Denmark are fortunate enough to deliver treatment for Gazzda’s beautiful furniture. That leaves their products with a high-quality finish, which at the same time, protects, but also strengthens and stimulates the natural inner properties of oak as a natural material, to ensure long lasting durability of the product.

At Gazzda, they craft furniture from the highest quality materials. In general, they use solid oak.

Gazzda’s furniture are sold worldwide and they create products that help build awesome living and leisure spaces where clients can flourish, dream and simply – come home.

The best solution with high demands on quality, endurance, and sustainability


While searching for the best solution to treat their products, Gazzda wanted to find an oil finish which met the following requirements:

  • Oil finish content, as natural as possible
  • Easy to apply/use/repair
  • Easy to maintain/clean
  • Good purchase terms, MOQs, industrial prices
  • An oil finish for wood products which is repellent to water, stains, and scratches
  • A finish which leaves the surface smooth and matt
  • A finish which does not leave the surface rough where water was spilled
  • A finish, which is eco-friendly, environmentally safe, safe for humans, animals and plants with accompanying certificates
  • A finish which is tested and has all the needed specifications (REACH, TDS, SDS, etc.)
  • A finish with a natural look and appearance.
  • A finish which comes from a reliable and friendly supplier who wants to cooperate
  • A finish which will not cause any risks to the production or the company


Gazzda chose WOCA, but why?

After testing, the first impression with Woca oil was on point, and the furniture retained the raw oak appearance.

"When we started using Woca oil, we met the following of earlier-mentioned requirements: A good quality plant-based hardwax oil finish, which was easy to repair, maintenance and clean. WOCA Hardwax Oil left us with a nice natural look and appearance of the wooden products treated. WOCA Denmark delivers acceptable industrial prices, good MOQs and procurement terms, WOCA as a supplier also provides Gazzda with all the needed specifications and certificates and is cooperative and they were always willing to change the composition to achieve the desired shade of oil."

The difference WOCA Denmark made for both company and products


By using WOCA industrial hardwax oil on their products, Gazzda achieved the following:

  • Gazzda products gets the sought-after look and appearance of natural “raw” oak.
  • Gazzda products obtained a natural touch and feel.
  • Customers have faith and confidence that in the product they receive, there is a safe and high-quality oil finish.
  • Customers can easily maintain and clean the products’ surface treated with the WOCA Hardwax Oil finish, and can also repair it easily on their own, without asking a professional for help.
  • WOCA Hardwax Oil owns an IBR Certificate of Award for quality and excellent performance result, so we are glad to share this information/certificate with our customers.

Project details:


Gazzda Furniture production, Bosnia, and Herzegovina


WOCA Denmark Hardwax Oil