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Give new life to your wooden surfaces

- Learn more about Diamond Oil Active, which is used on the floors of the office building AKSEN in Aarhus.

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We specialize in environmentally friendly woodcare. It is therefor deep in our DNA to protect wooden products, so they keep their natural beauty, luster and warmth for as long as possible.


Every day our proud traditions and high level of quality drives us to strive for the most environmentally friendly solutions.

With a sustainable approach we dare to think big and push the boundaries for innovation.

As an important part of our promise to work with more sustainable alternatives, our products contain natural oils and soaps, that preserves and strengthens the woods natural abilities.

Our sustainable legacy


Since 1969 we have lived and breathed to share our passion.

To protect, maintain and nourish wood, so it keeps its natural beauty, luster and warmth for generations to come.

With a deep knowledge of wood and the various projects unique features.

We have specialized in customized solutions for wooden surfaces with a strong focus on great craftsmanship.

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Facts about WOCA

45 +

Years of experience

60 +

Countries worldwide

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Employees worldwide

160 +

Different products

Experts in Woodcare since 1969

For more than 50 years we have been driven by our passion for creating the best and most sustainable solutions in treatment, maintenance, and protection of wood.

It is deep in our DNA to preserve the natural properties of the felled and processed wood.

With a pure cultivated passion for wood and a profound respect for natures resources we are driven by developing products, that strengthen, nurtures and protect wood against environmental impacts.

Each product from WOCA is your guarantee for 100% Danish quality.

Developed and produced in our factory in Lunderskov, where we dare to think big based on our sustainable approach and push the boundaries for innovation.

As an important part of our promise to work towards a more sustainable world, our products are combined by natural oils and soaps that preserve and strengthens the woods natural properties.

WOCA Denmark was created in 2018 on the foundation of Trip Trap Woodcare which roots run as far back as 1969. The basic philosophy and the brand Trip Trap Woodcare and WOCA Denmark consist in the same familiar and uncompromising quality as always.

Today our product range includes a wide selection of products for care, treatment, and protection of both stone-, textile, non-wood, and wooden surfaces. Indoors as well as outdoors.

Wood and beautiful craftmanship is the core of our company. How we use, maintain, protect, and beautify wood, was and still is the most important part of our companies ongoing success.

We know excactly what to look for when providing the wood with the optimal treatment.

Created on a sustainable foundation

We were created based on one of natures most important ressources – wood.

Because of that it is important to us to help preserve the nature that surrounds us all.

Because of that it is important to us to help preserve the nature that surrounds us all.

Our goal is there for always to produce environmentally friendly products containing natural raw materials.

Wood is alive right from the first sprout on the forest floor to the processed planks. Which are later converted to for example floors, furniture, countertops, and wooden decking.

At the same time wood is one of the most sustainable building materials, that with the proper treatment can emerge with a unique appearance and finish that lasts for decades. That is why we take pride in protecting the woods natural beauty, so the richness of nature can be sustained for generations to come.

Private and professional clients in more than 60+ markets

We specialize in environmental and indoor climate friendly woodcare for both outdoors and indoors. Our wide range is created for DIY and professional flooring experts as well as the furniture and flooring industry.

We highly appreciate each client relation and always try to understand the needs of our business partners, so that together we can ensure the best customer solutions within counseling, education, service, and products.

Our products are developed and tested in our own R&D department and laboratory. So, we are always able to deliver products of the absolute highest quality, customized for the individual client or project, that demands a unique look or finish.

A product range that suites you

Today, the range includes a wide selection of products for care, maintenance, and protection of both stone-, textile, non-wood, and wooden surfaces for outdoors as well as indoors.

The products embrace a wide range from lacquers, oils, furniture- and countertop oils to outdoor woodcare, soaps for cleaning of vinyl- and laminate flooring, wooden floors, tiles, and products for outdoor cladding.

Our product range is divided into a manageable step by step system focusing on the following: Preparation, Basic treatment and care and maintenance.

That makes it easy to find the products and processes that provides the best results, so the lifespan of the wood is prolonged, and it maintains its natural glow.

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