Invisible 2K Lacquer

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Wood floor lacquer with a natural raw look

  • 2-component floor lacquer with a raw natural look
  • Modern isocyanate-free hardener givers the product a 48 hours potlife
  • Ultra-mat gloss level
  • Easy application
  • Anti-slip R10

*The wood sample is shown on oak

5 L

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90 g/l, maximum VOC content (A/e (WB)): 130 g/l.


1.00-1.10 g/ml.

Shelf life:

1 year

Application Temperature:

+15-25°C and approx. 50% air humidity.


8-10 m²/L


Colourless - Ultra-matt

Cleaning of tools:

Use water


+10-25°C. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free during winter and cool during summer.


5 L


30-35 Sec. DIN Cup 4

Pot life:

The mixture must be used within 48 hours. Shake/stir thoroughly before use.

Solid content:

Approx. 33%

Mixing ratio:

2% or 100 ml to 5 L lacquer.

Between coats:

2-3 hours at 20°C

Light use:

12 hours at 20°C


Wait 24 hours before putting furniture on the floor. Wait 8 days before covering with carpets and washing.If drying times are not followed, this can result in poor adhesion and reduced resistance. For each coat of lacquer, drying times will be increased. High temperature and low air humidity will reduce drying times. Low temperature and high air humidity will extend drying times.

Fully hard:

8 days at 20°C

Master Invisible 2K Lacquer is a high-quality water-based ultra-matt floor lacquer developed to give the wood a natural raw look and feeling . The Invisible technology will leave the surface with a texture resembling newly-sanded wood. The hardening agent is a modern isocyanate-free hardener which gives the product a potlife of 48 hours. The lacquer is indoor climate labeled.


Products in use
It is important that both wood and lacquer have a temperature of min. 15°C (preferably around 20°C) and air humidity of approx. 50%. Make sure that the room is well-ventilated for optimal evaporation and drying time. For the final sanding to bare wood, use grit 120-150 sandpaper or sanding pad. Vacuum carefully afterwards. The surface must be free of dirt, grease, wax and dust. The floor should be completely dry before application of Master Invisible 2K lacquer.

Always remember to test on a less visible spot to check the compatibility of the surface with the product.

  1. Mix WOCA Master Pure 2K Hardener with the lacquer and shake thoroughly before use. Leave the mixture to stand for ten minutes before use, to allow the hardener to activate.
  2. Apply a coat of the mixture with a paint roller or brush and leave the floor to dry for 2-3 hours. Apply the second coat and leave the surface to dry until the next day. The floor can be sanded after .
  3. Sand the surface with 120-150 and vacuum clean the surface thoroughly.
  4. Apply the final coat of Master Invisible 2K Lacquer with hardener (freshly mixed).
Water and coloured fluids, such as red wine and coffee, must be wiped off immediately to prevent staining.