Industrial Lye

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Minimizes yellowing of wood

  • Minimizes yellowing 
  • Can be used on all types of wood 
  • Instant lightening of wood 
  • Must be treated afterwards with WOCA oils or WOCA lacquers
  • Minimizes colour variation of the wood

25 L
30 L

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10 g/l, teneur maximale en COV (A/g (PA)): 30 g/l.


1.00-1.10 g/ml.

Valeur du pH :

pH 9-10

durée de conservation:

3 années


40-50 m²/L


Blanc;Blanc, Naturel


25 L, 30 L


10-15 Sec. DIN Cup 4

Industrial Lye bleaches down lighter hardwood and minimizes the natural occurrence of the wood turning yellow. It may also be used on exotic types of wood.

Étapes de travail

Products in use
The wood must be clean, dry and free from dust.

  • Final sanding grit 120-150
  • Use sponge roller shore 5 or type 2 or type 3
  • Apply the product 25-30 gr/m2
Even out
  • Use minimum two nylon brushes. 1st runs counterwise and 2nd runs counter-clockwise
Hot air oven
  • Temperature 35-40 °C and good ventilation
  • Or stacking on racks
  • 4-6 h by 20 °C
Intermediate sanding
  • Use sandingpaper grit 240-320
  • After sanding apply a WOCA Treat product