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Making floors glow with Diamond Oil Active from WOCA Denmark

At the heart of AKSEN, the prestigious office building in Skejby, Aarhus, which industry giants such as KMD, Alm. Brand and Roku have made their home, it is the building’s floors that are particularly noteworthy. The floors have been treated with Diamond Oil Active from WOCA Denmark.

The floor specialist behind the beautiful project shares his enthusiasm for the oil from WOCA Denmark. Tom Christiansen, from the company Kim Gulvmand, has been the specialist on the project, which has seen four to five people working on it at any one time. The oil has been used in various stages, stretching over several thousand square metres in the office building.

“Diamond Oil Active is easy and pleasant to work with. Because the oil is VOC-free and low-odour, it has provided a comfortable working environment. Sustainability has been a high priority at AKSEN, so a product like Diamond Active Oil fits this criteria perfectly,” says Tom Christiansen, commenting on why they chose the oil from WOCA Denmark.

Easy process and low maintenance
Diamond Active oil is a groundbreaking, single component oil with the performance of a two- component oil. Its incredible durability is impressive; it can withstand scratches, marks and even coffee, tea and red wine stains in a busy building like ASKEN. The quality of the oil is sublime, which ensures problem free application with minimum waste.

Diamond Oil Active is easy and pleasant to work with. Because the oil is VOC-free and low-odour, it has provided a comfortable working environment.

Tom Christiansen

Jesper Tangaa-Møller, Sales Consultant with WOCA Denmark, explains that Diamond Oil Active is an oil that is quickly absorbed by the wood, requiring continuous work. But this hasn’t delayed the work process for Kim Gulvmand, Tom Christiansen explains, they have applied the oil in stages to coordinate with other work going on in the building.

Sustainable wood floor oil with outstanding performance
Diamond Oil Active is the ultimate, VOC-free, sustainable oil, created specifically for wooden floors. Made entirely from natural materials, resulting in a wooden floor that is both non-slip and comfortable to walk on, as well as being water repellent and easy to clean.

“Other oils need a hardener added and have a maximum working time of six hours, which leads to waste. Diamond Oil Active eliminates the need for a hardener, which in turn reduces waste and evaporation of harmful substances. Surplus oil can be reused. With a dry matter content of nearly 100%, it is ideal for basic mechanical treatment of wooden surfaces, regardless of wood type,” Jesper Tangaa-Møller says.

Up-coming projects with Diamond Oil Active at their centre
At Kim Gulvmand, Diamond Oil Active from WOCA Denmark has proven to be a very satisfactory solution, with regard to both the work process and the end result. This positive experience has led to the oil being seriously considered for other up-coming projects, including private house renovations and business clients. The oil is particularly suited to customers who want both an aesthetic and sustainable product that is available in an array of colours, such as sand-grey, chocolate, concrete-grey, and many others.