Patina Disc

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Ø150 mm

  • Gives a hard-wearing surface
  • Can be used with alle WOCA oils
  • Makes surfaces silky smooth

6 L

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3 años




6 L

WOCA Patina Discs for wet polishing of oil into the surfaces. Patina Disc polishes the oil deeper into the wood and improves the surface’s chemical resistance, making the surface extra resistant to water and stains. Specially designed to be used on in the last layer of oil to improve penetration.

Pasos de trabajo

Products in use
Place two Patina Discs opposite to each other on a white/beige polishing pad.Apply the oil (final layer) using a paint roller or a polishing machine, hereafter polish with a pad and the two Patina Discs fixed on to the pad. The combination of light sanding and polishing helps the oil penetrate faster into the wood and results in a very smooth finish. The wood must not dry during the process of application. Always make sure that a sufficient amount of oil is applied, in order to work in well.When the surface appears saturated remove excess oil using a cotton cloth.Finally, polish with a clean white pad, in order to obtain a uniform gloss.