Patina Disc


Ø150 mm

  • Gives a hard-wearing surface
  • Can be used with alle WOCA oils
  • Makes surfaces silky smooth

6 L


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3 Jahre




6 L

Nasspolieren des Öls tief in die Struktur hinein, um die Oberfläche sehr widerstandsfähig zu machen.Einheit:6 Stck.


Products in use
Place two Patina Discs opposite to each other on a white/beige polishing pad.Apply the oil (final layer) using a paint roller or a polishing machine, hereafter polish with a pad and the two Patina Discs fixed on to the pad. The combination of light sanding and polishing helps the oil penetrate faster into the wood and results in a very smooth finish. The wood must not dry during the process of application. Always make sure that a sufficient amount of oil is applied, in order to work in well.When the surface appears saturated remove excess oil using a cotton cloth.Finally, polish with a clean white pad, in order to obtain a uniform gloss.