Reactive Stain

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For pre-colouring of tannin-rich wood

  • Unique look 
  • Offers a countless number of exciting color options
  • The final colour depends on the tannin content in the wood 
  • Quick color reaction and high color stability

338.140 FL.OZ.

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175 g/l, maximum VOC content (A/i (WB)): 140 g/l.


1.00-1.10 g/ml.


pH 8-9

Shelf life:

2 years


190-326 sq.ft./L


Smoke light, Smoke dark, Mouse Gray, Dark grey, Ebony, Extra Grey, Grey


+50-77°F. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free during winter and cool during summer.


338.140 FL.OZ.


10-15 Sec. DIN Cup 4

A stain specially formulated to create an aged and rustic look on tannin-rich woods in a fast and simple way. It reacts quickly after the application and provides a vibrant and distinctive color depending on the type of wood used. The color is kept intact for a long time, as the stain is very resistant to light. Modern and unique color solutions can be created by using Reactive Stain in combination with WOCA Color Oils.


Products in use
The wood must be clean, dry and free from dust.

  • Final sanding grit 120-150
  • 40-60 gr/m2
  • Or use sponge roller
  • Use sponge roller shore 5 or type 2 or type 3
  • Apply the product 30-35 gr/m2
Even out
  • Use minimum two nylon brushes. 1st runs counterwise and 2nd runs counter-clockwise
Hot air oven
  • Temperature 50-60 °C and good ventilation
  • Or use stacking on racks
  • 3-4 h by 20 °C
Intermediate sanding
  • Use sandingpaper grit 240-320
  • After sanding apply a WOCA Treat product
Viscosity correction: Not recommended.If the color is too dark, water can be added to achieve the right design.