Reactive Stain

Numer przedmiotu:

For pre-colouring of tannin-rich wood

  • Unique look 
  • Quick colour reaction 
  • The final colour depends on the tannin content in the wood 
  • Must be treated afterwards with WOCA oils 

10 L

Szczegóły Produktu

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175 g/l, maksymalnej zawartosci LZO (A/i (WB)): 140 g/l.


1.00-1.10 g/ml.

Odczyn pH:

pH 8-9


2 lata


20-30 m²/L


Światło dymu, Dym ciemny, Mysz Szary, Ciemno szary, Heban, Extra Szary, Szary


+10-25°C. Chronić przed dziećmi. Nie narażać na działanie wysokiej temperatury (np. promieniowania słonecznego). W zimie chronić przed mrozem. Latem przechowywać w chłodnym miejscu.


10 L


10-15 Dru. DIN Cup 4

Reactive Stain is a water-based stain specially formulated to create an aged and rustic look on tannin-rich wood in a fast and simple way. It reacts quickly after the application and provides a vibrant and distinctive colour, depending on the type of wood used. Modern and unique colour solutions can be achieved in combination with WOCA air-drying and UV-drying oils.

Etapy pracy

Products in use
The wood must be clean, dry and free from dust.

  • Final sanding grit 120-150
  • 40-60 gr/m2
  • Or use sponge roller
  • Use sponge roller shore 5 or type 2 or type 3
  • Apply the product 30-35 gr/m2
Even out
  • Use minimum two nylon brushes. 1st runs counterwise and 2nd runs counter-clockwise
Hot air oven
  • Temperature 50-60 °C and good ventilation
  • Or use stacking on racks
  • 3-4 h by 20 °C
Intermediate sanding
  • Use sandingpaper grit 240-320
  • After sanding apply a WOCA Treat product
Can be diluted with water to obtain the desired colour strength. Full colour development within 24 hours.