Wood Cleaner is the key to good results

Remember to use Wood Cleaner when your wooden floors, furniture or interiors need treating with soap, oil or stain.

We can’t say this often enough. Thorough preparation is worth the effort. But we all know the feeling that time sometimes seems short, and we therefore use shorter processes every now and then to get a fast result. But if you want to achieve the best-looking and most hard-wearing results on your precious wooden floor, exclusive wooden furniture, exquisite wooden tabletop or similar, do not take the easy way out.

WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner has been developed to help you to achieve the best final result. You are doing yourself a huge favour if you prioritise a thorough cleaning of your wooden floor and other wooden surfaces before you treat them with soap, oil or stain.


Take a look here to find out what effect Wood Cleaner will have on your end result.

✓  Wood Cleaner extends the lifetime of your wood

Wood Cleaner effectively removes grime, grease, sanding residue and residues from the wood’s own production of saps and sugar. Wood Cleaner opens the pores of the wood, so that soap, oil or stain has better penetration, going deeper into the wood. This extends the lifetime of the wood as it becomes more saturated.

✓  Wood Cleaner speeds up drying times

Wood Cleaner thoroughly neutralises the natural tannic acid in the top layer of the wood. The advantage of this is that any subsequent application of soap, oil and stain will dry more quickly, achieving the desired resistance much more quickly than would otherwise be the case. Tannic acid decelerates drying time.

✓  Wood Cleaner minimises the risk of discolouration

Wood with very high tannic acid content, such as oak, is very sensitive to discolouration. Neutralising tannic acid by using Wood Cleaner makes it possible to reduce the risk of a final result that has suffered discolouration.

✓  Wood Cleaner produces intense colour tones and even colour distribution

Using Wood Cleaner makes it possible to achieve greater surface colour intensity as the wood is better able to absorb the subsequent treatment. Because the wood pores are open, pigmented stains, soaps, oils and lacquers are able to penetrate deeply and more uniformly into the wood, thus producing an attractive and even colour distribution.

This picture shows a piece of wood that has been oiled with black WOCA Exterior Oil. The dark section of the wood has been treated with Wood Cleaner before it was treated with oil, whereas the light section was NOT cleaned before oil was applied.

The example shown on this wood sample clearly indicates that Wood Cleaner opens wood pores, allowing the colour from pigmented products (oils, soaps or stains) to deeply penetrate and soak better into the wood.

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