Natural Soap: A high quality floor soap for wooden floors

Wash your oiled wooden floor with Natural Soap for optimal protection and durability.

It is important to point out that oiling a wooden floor is not the final step of the process, but the beginning. But worry not! We just think that washing and caring for your floor afterwards is at least as important.

Because the oil deeply penetrates the wood and leaves the wood’s pores open instead of building up an actual surface film, the surface needs to be regularly cleaned with a floor soap that has been specifically developed for use on oil-treated wood.

Why do I need to use WOCA Natural Soap? Can’t I just use a universal cleaner?

You could actually compare the scenario of using a universal cleaner with regular skin care. When you wash and care for your hands, your choice of soaps and creams is important as you want to be gentle to your skin and protect it. Most people have probably tried buying a universal cream and then found that their skin became dry and cracked after using it for just a short time. If you instead decide to spend a little more money on a cream that has been specially developed for your specific skin type, you will find that the cream both nurtures and moisturises your hands, so your skin does not become dry.

You probably want to protect your oiled wooden floor in the same way, so there is no advantage to gain by choosing a universal cleaner. Choosing a cheap soap and compromising on the quality of ingredients means that you risk removing the natural oils from the wood, which will cause its pores to open wider, which allows all that dirt and grime to penetrate more deeply into the wood. This can cause your floor to get a greyish tinge over time as the floor will get dirty faster and you will not be able to get all the deeply-ingrained dirt out again. WOCA Natural Soap is therefore an excellent choice for your oiled floors as it both cleans AND cares for the wood at the same time, so that the wood does not dry out and split as time goes on.


A soap with completely unique characteristics

Natural soap is a floor soap of incredibly high quality, which is specially developed to clean and protect oil-treated surfaces against dirt, stains and wear. Because the soap is “oily”, it effectively cleans the wood and leaves a microscopic layer of natural fatty acids, which protect the wood against most influences. Natural soap is also indoor climate-labelled, fragrance-free and contains no preservatives.

If you wash your floor regularly with Natural Soap, the soap will continue to make your oiled wooden floor even more resistant to dirt and wear and tear and make it easier to keep clean. This is because the soap both nourishes and strengthens the actual oil on the floor, thereby helping to extend the lifetime of your floor as long as possible. It is also important to keep in mind that an ordinary wooden floor can only be sanded down a maximum of three times. As far as sustainability is concerned, it is important to extend intervals between sandings by as long as possible, and Natural Soap is a big help in this regard.

It is important that you follow the indicated dilution ratio when mixing Natural Soap with water. The soap is very oily so, if underdiluted, the floor will be left with a greasy surface that will absorb all kinds of dirt and grime. You should therefore, at all costs, avoid using the soap underdiluted even though you may think that you are doing your floor a favour. If you still find that your floor becomes greasy after washing with soap, simply wash the surface afterwards with clean, lukewarm water.

Is an oiled wooden floor more care-intensive than a lacquered floor?

The short answer to that question is “no, not really.” However, it does require you to use products that have been specifically developed for oiled surfaces – such as Natural Soap and WOCA Oil Soap – to give the surface the best possible cleaning and protection.

We recommend that you wash an oiled floor with Oil Soap approximately every fourth wash. The soap not only cleans the wood, but also adds extra oil to the surface at the same time. Therefore, if you use Natural Soap and supplement with Oil Soap from time to time, the pores of the wood will be even better saturated, for even more wood protection.

For the actual cleaning and care of your floor, we recommend that you use a mop and two buckets: one full of soapy water and the other with clean water to rinse the dirty mop in. (Have you ever thought about where much of the dirt ends up when you use only one bucket and mop head?)

Nautral soap can, of course, also be used to clean soap or oil-treated wooden surfaces other than floors, such as furniture and table tops. For this, we would instead recommend WOCA Natural Soap Spray as it is ready-mixed, easy to manage and developed precisely for application to smaller surfaces

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