Cleaner for UV Products

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Cleans tools and machinery used for UV-oils

  • High flashpoint - less risk in production
  • Excellent removal of UV liquids and grease
  • Suitable for both UV oil and UV lacquer
  • Helps improve productivity 
  • Improves durability of tools and machinery 

25 L

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0.85-0.90 g/ml.

durée de conservation:

3 années




+10-25°C. Tenir hors de portée des enfants. Ne pas exposer à la chaleur (par ex. au soleil). A conservez à l’abri du gel en hiver et au frais en été.


25 L

Cleaner for UV-Oils is used for efficient cleaning of industrial tools and machinery soiled with UV-hardening liquids. It helps maximizing productivity and achieves a faster start-up phase as well as high performance results, as no oil and colour remains will affect the process. Beyond that, the tools and machinery will also last longer when the are cleaned properly after use. Cleaning must be performed before UV-oils are cured using UV-light.

Étapes de travail

Products in use
The wood must be clean, dry and free from dust.