Unique split-level restaurant clad in charred Accoya wood in the heart of Sidney, Australia. WOCA Exterior Wood Oil applied upon the distinctive Japanese charring technique, Shou Sugi Ban.

Kenneth B. Andersen

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Product Manager

Barangaroo House, a free-standing, three-storey restaurant, has become one of the first projects in Sydney to utilize Accoya wood cladding, the world-leading high performance, sustainable wood product, and the distinctive Japanese charring technique, Shou Sugi Ban.

Situated in the heart of Barangaroo, a dynamic commercial and residential urban renewal project on the edge of Sydney Harbour, The Barangaroo project has sustainability at its heart.

With a commitment to becoming the first global precinct that is carbon neutral, the 22-hectare historically significant harborside site is concerned with creating zero waste emissions, being ‘water wise’ and contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

As a result, the internationally recognized mission celebrates design excellence, natural beauty, world-class eco-living, and its aboriginal history to preserve the project for future generations.

Charred and coated

To further enhance the project, a layer of WOCA Exterior Oil coating in Anthracite from WOCA Denmark was applied to compliment the overall design aesthetic. Due to Accoya’s superior dimensional stability, this coating will last twice as long in comparison to typical timbers and will need minimal maintenance.

Located on a prominent waterfront site, Accoya was the ideal choice for this stunning project thanks to its exceptional durability, reliability and stability properties. With a guarantee of 50 years above ground, Accoya® wood can withstand the harshest of external environments while resisting distortion and warping over its lifetime.

The choice of wood in combination with the Japanese charring technique, Shou Sugi Ban and WOCA Exterior Oil Bangaroo house is fit to stand the course of time.

Project details:

Architects: Collins and Turner, taking on a remarkable organic form clad in charred accoya supplied by leading timber experts, Britton Timbers.
Cladding: Accoya® wood

Surface treatment:

Japanese charring technique, Shou Sugi Ban.
WOCA Exterior Oil, Anthracite