Advanced XP 2K

Item number:

Water Based Floor Finish

  • High commercial traffic
  • Meets the highest standards for slip resistance
  • Superior performance
  • Indoor climate labeled
  • Available in matte, satin & semi gloss

*The wood sample is shown on oak

1 Gallon
169.070 FL.OZ.

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405 g/l. (max)


1.00-1.10 g/ml.


pH 7-8

Shelf life:

2 years

Application Temperature:

+59-77°F and approx. 50% air humidity.


325-410 sq.ft./Gal


Colorless - Satin

Cleaning of tools:

Use water


+50-77°F. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free during winter and cool during summer.


1 Gallon

Non-slip (DIN 51130):



20-25 Sec. DIN Cup 4

Pot life:

The mixture must be used within 5 hours. Shake/stir thoroughly before use.



Solid content:


Mixing ratio:

10% or 16.907 FL.OZ. to 169.070 FL.OZ. lacquer

Between coats:

2-3 hours at 68°F

Light use:

4-6 hours at 68°F


Wait 24 hours before putting furniture on the floor. Wait 5 days before covering with carpets and washing.If drying times are not followed, this can result in poor adhesion and reduced resistance. For each coat of floor finish, drying times will be increased. High temperature and low air humidity will reduce drying times. Low temperature and high air humidity will extend drying times.

Fully hard:

5 days at 68°F

Advanced XP 2K is a commercial grade water-based, two-component finish suited for the most demanding environments. It’s extremely high wear, scratch, water and stain resistance make it a great product for high traffic commercial areas as well as demanding residential spaces. Advanced XP 2K provides a high level of slip resistance to ensure safety of those who walk upon it. Advanced XP 2K is made from non-yellowing resins and contains UV absorbers which help protect the wood from UV exposure. Floors are left with ultra-durable film with a rich and full appearance. Our VOC’s are the lowest of our main competitors. This indoor climate labeled water based finish provides a very healthy indoor air quality during the application and after.


Products in use
It is important that both wood and floor finish have a temperature of min. 59°F (preferably around 68°F) and air humidity of approx. 50%. Make sure that the room is well-ventilated for optimal evaporation and drying time. For the final sanding to bare wood, use grit 100-120 sandpaper or sanding pad. Vacuum thoroughly and tack the floor afterwards, using a tightly-wrung water-soaked mop/cloth. The floor must be completely dry before sealing. When sealing, use WOCA Sealers for newly sanded wood to reduce side bonding.

Always remember to test on a less visible spot to check the compatibility of the surface with the product.

  1. Apply the sealer if not using a stain. When dry, mix Advanced Hardener US with the floor finish and shake thoroughly before use. Leave the mixture to stand for ten minutes before use, to allow the hardener to activate.
  2. A coat of Advanced XP 2K US Lacquer should be applied undiluted, using a brush or roller. Leave the surface to dry until next day.
  3. Sand the surface with 120-200 and vacuum clean the surface thoroughly.
  4. Apply the final coat of Advanced XP 2K US with hardener (freshly mixed).
Water and coloured fluids, such as red wine and coffee, must be wiped off immediately to prevent staining.