Fast Filler

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For manual filling of knotholes in wood

  • Quick-drying 
  • Easy to sand 
  • Does not shrink 
  • Must be treated afterwards with WOCA products 

20 L

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0 g/l, contenido máximo de COV (A/e (BD)): 400 g/l.


2.40-2.60 g/ml.

Valor de pH:

pH 7-8


3 años


Roble ahumado


+10-25°C. Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños. No lo exponga al calor (por ejemplo, la luz solar directa). Almacenar evitando heladas en invierno y en lugar fresco en verano.


20 L

Contenido de materia seca:


Fastfiller is used for efficient and durable repairs of cracks and knotholes in wood prior to finishing. It bonds tightly to the wood, is easy to sand, cures fast and does not shrink or crack. The filler is powder-based and designed to accept stains, oils, wax and lacquers very fast and naturally, creating a uniform and natural look. Fastfiller is an environmentally friendly product based on pure natural raw materials, 90 % animal proteins and mineral components, and it must be mixed with water before use..

Pasos de trabajo

Products in use
Mix the filler with cold water in the ratio: 1 part of water to 3-4 parts of filler.Stir the mixture to a firm and homogeneous filler and apply it directly to the wood. (The mixture mustbe so firm that it stays on the putty knife). It is possible to work with the mixture for approx. 30minutes. Do not mix more filler than necessary.

  • Final sanding grit 100
Hot air oven
  • Temperature 50-60 °C and good ventilation
  • Or use stacking
  • 1-2 h by 20 °C
Intermediate sanding
  • Final sanding grit 120-150
Wire brushing
  • We recommend adding 10% Hardener into the product if it should be wire brushed after drying. Can be treated with all WOCA products
Viscosity correction: A very small amount of water may be added to the mixture once or twice during the work process.