Oil Refreshing Soap

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Revitalising natural cleaner for wood

  • Protects and nourishes the wood
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans and maintains the floor gently
  • Leaves a protecting oil film on the wood surface
  • Periodic maintenance for oiled surfaces
  • Enhances the natural colour of the wood

*The wood sample is shown on oak

1 L

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less than 5%: non-ionic surfactants, coloring agents, BENZISOTHIAZOLINONE, Pyrithione sodium.


0.95-1.00 g/ml.


pH 6-7

Shelf life:

3 years

Application Temperature:

+15-25°C and approx. 50% air humidity.


150-200 m²/L


White, Natural

Cleaning of tools:

Use warm water


+10-25°C. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free during winter and cool during summer.


1 L





Solid content:


Drying time:

2-3 hours at 20°C

Oil and soap solution. Oil Refreshing Soap is for regular cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors. Oil Refreshing Soap combines efficient cleaning with re-oiling as additional oil penetrates into the wood, forming a matt protective layer on the surface.


Products in use
Use WOCA Wood Stain Remover or WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner for particular stubborn stains before cleaning and maintaining with Oil Refreshing Soap.

Always remember to test on a less visible spot to check the compatibility of the surface with the product.

  1. Shake the container well and pour the Care Product into a plastic bucket. It is important that no pigments are left in the container. Stir regularly during the application to prevent the pigments from settling to the bottom.
  2. Mix Oil Refreshing Soap with lukewarm water: – For traditionally oiled floors: 1:20 (250 ml soap into 5 L of water). – For UV-oiled and oil-waxed floors: 1:40 (125 ml soap into 5 L of water). The mixture ratio can vary depending on wear.
  3. Wipe the floor lengthwise with the Care Product. It is recommended to clean an area of 10 m² at a time .
  4. Leave the surface to dry for 2-3 hours at 20°C before use.
  5. If a light shine is wanted, polish the dry floor with a white pad.
Use a mop/cloth containing cotton - don´t use 100% microfiber. For best results, use two buckets: one with soap water and the second with clean water to rinse the dirty mop. When refreshing a hardwax oiled floor use: 1:10 (500 ml soap into 5 L of water).